First Session: Wednesday 1 April

No joke! Chaingang session this evening, meeting at 700 HQ at 18.15. It is very important you don’t miss the ride brief, especially if you are new to chaingang. Suitable for all, riders will be grouped to similar abilities. It’s a great opportunity to advance your group riding skill, technique and pace.

We will ride easy out to the H10/10 course, aka ‘The Drift Road loop’. This is the 10 mile course:


This GCN video offers a great explanation as to what we’re working to achieve:

Your confirmation of attendance in the comments would be greatly appreciated.

7 thoughts on “First Session: Wednesday 1 April

  1. I will pass this week (can’t leave early enough today)… What kind of pace/ distance you have in mind for these rides?


    • Hi Anna, the Drift road loop is 10 miles. We can keep going until there is not enough light, so we would assume the distance will be longer in the summer months; typically 3 laps.
      The pace is dictated by the riders present, grouped to similar ability/experience.


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