700cc Club Intro rides, every Saturday

Are you interested in joining a cycling club? Want to ride your bike with a great bunch of supportive and welcoming cyclists? Why not come and join 700cc, an inclusive cycling club based in Windsor.

As of Saturday 6 May 2017, new riders will be welcome to join any Saturday ‘Easy’ ride, by way of an introduction to the club. Meet at 700 HQ at 08.50 for the ride brief.  The ride leaves at 09.00 and will start on time. No brief – No ride.

These rides enable you to understand and practice riding in a group and get a feel for the way our club is organised and the way that we ride. You’ll be joined by current club members looking to develop their group riding skill, and physical fitness.

Group riding is brilliant! It means you can go further and faster by sharing the workload with your riding buddies. It also allows you to enjoy the more social side of cycling and gain motivation.

When cycling in a group, to be safe you need to be disciplined and predictable.

To make sure we are all singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to group riding, we ask you to join an Easy club ride, by way of introduction, before coming out on our regular group rides.

The focus of these Easy rides is group riding skills, as opposed to mileage or speed. Even if you are an experienced club cyclist we ask you to join, as all clubs ride a little differently. You are welcome on two of these rides before we ask you to become a fully signed up member.

700cc is an inclusive club. We have the highest female membership in the area and we have riders of all abilities from beginners up to regular racers (no world champions yet but we are working on it).

The Easy rides are suitable for road bikes only, no TT bikes or Tri-bars please, you should be able to maintain at least 12.5mph average over a 30 mile route.

Please note the ride will be cancelled if the weather makes the roads unsafe; we will make an announcement on the website if the ride is cancelled – please make sure to check the website before coming out.

If you would like to join, please show up at 700 on any Saturday morning by 08.50.

Any questions, doubts or concerns we would love to hear from you – info@700cc.org

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