Rides: Saturday 16 January

Routes suggestions courtesy of Jonathan this week:

The short route of 30 miles, fairly flat, rides out to Ottershaw

The longer route of 50 miles will ride out in the same direction to West Horsley, with the opportunity of a coffee stop.

Please download the route if you can. Get together with similar pace riders, you can ride as fast or slow as you like, as long as the group are in agreement. Multiple groups are ok and are positively encouraged so everyone gets the ride they want, but you must speak up to achieve this!

It’s definitely getting colder, please dress appropriately. Remember, those mechanical stops can have you feeling the cold pretty quickly!

Ride with discipline, keep the group safe and enjoy the ride!

Rides: Saturday 2 January

Happy New Year!

We will be riding out tomorrow, meeting at 700HQ at 08.50. If you haven’t ridden with us before, we will ask you to join a NEW Intro club ride first; the first Sunday of every month (see previous post).

We’ll be taking it easy after the recent excesses! The short route out will be a steady 28 miles, with one climb up Terry’s Lane.

The longer route suggestion, with one climb out of Marlow is the Vicar of Dibley.

Dress appropriately, we may get a little wet!


NEW Intro Club Ride – Sunday 3 January

Interested in joining a cycling club for some support and motivation over the winter? We are welcoming potential new members to join us.

If this is your first foreay into group riding, we will be practising the necessary skils to ride safely in a group that will enable you to enjoy the road with others. The emphasis will be on skill as opposed to mileage.
Suitable for road bikes, the ride will be 20-25 miles at an easy pace. We meet at 700HQ at 09.50.

Riding in close proximity to other riders takes discipine and practice. Once mastered, this skill will enable you to ride faster and for longer as part of the bunch.

For an insight into road cycling etiquette, see our club guide here 

If you would like to join us, please leave a message here, or email us on oracle@7hundred.co.uk

Rides: Sunday 20 December

We have our Christmas ride out on Sunday, meet at 700HQ at 09.50, for a 10.00 roll out. Christmas attire is positively encouraged!

£10 buys your ticket with proceeds going to the club’s chosen charity Myeloma UK. We’ll enjoy mulled wine and mince pies on our return and you’ll get a raffle ticket to win a bottle of champagne and a large panatone!

The route is 26 miles out through Wentworth, it will be a very social pace to avoid tinsel chaos, multiple groups as necessary, so appropriate for everyone!

There will also be the regular Sunday ride out, this time at 09.30. Scraso, has a true to form 66 miler ‘Christmas Surprise‘. The pace will be more social at 16/17 mph, likely 18/20 mph on the flat, and taking the climbs easy, waiting at the top.

enjoy the ride


Ride: Saturday 12 December

Riders on the short route tomorrow will be getting ‘Sectioned‘ out at Crazies Hill 😉

If you’re in for a longer route, Sonning Mill Twist is a beaut!

Meet at 700HQ at 08.50 and get organised into appropriate groups of smilier ability riders. Remember to keep it a social pace.

We have both guys and girls racing at Hillingdon too tomorrow, first race is at 13.10, if you fancy a spin over we don’t have an organised ride but here’s a helpful route, courtesy of David Lilley 🙂

enjoy the ride

Rides: Saturday 5 December

For your riding pleasure this week…

A local route of 25 miles passing Jenner’s cafe where we have enjoyed coffee and bacon sarnies on past winter rides.

A firm favourite long route, as suggested by Graeme, Benson & Hedges; a 60 mile spin out to Benson.

Both of these routes will meet at 700HQ at 08.50.

There is an additional ride out to support our 700cc racers at the Hillingdon cycle circuit for their first cat 4 race of the season; this week led by David ‘700cc All Star’ Lilley. Please come and support our guys, flying the club flag, if you can! First race is at 13.20, the second at 14.20.

Please download the route of you can. Buddy up with similar pace riders and agree a comfortable pace for all. It’s a social ride, we’re encouraging chit chat and above all, fun!

Remember to post your ride photos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or in the closed Facebook group (and tag in 700) using #700POW or email it to oracle@7hundred.co.uk  You could see your photo featured on the NEW 700 website! Prize for the best photo – get featured on the homepage 3 times for a bonus prize!

enjoy the ride

Rides: Saturday 28 November

Lots of choice this week!

A short route of 28 miles out to Crazies hill, ‘Sectioned’

Nick Herriot will be doing multiple reps of Tite Hill with a loop around Wentworth.

The long route suggestion of 70 miles is a beaut! ‘Odium or Bust’

A reminder that these rides are social, the pace should be comfortable for all those riding so we can chit chat, especially at this time of the year when we’re looking for base mileage, time in the saddle.

Smashing up hills and chasing Strava segments have no place here. If you want to ride hard, join us on a Sunday.

Please group yourselves with similarly paced riders and agree a pace before you set out. If you feel the pace picks up so that it’s no longer social, please speak up. Not everyone can manage their own pace and we know it’s easy to get carried away, especially if the legs are feeling good.

This is a group ride, no one person dictates the pace. If you do struggle to manage your own pace, we suggest you stay off the front, sit in the bunch until you master it.

Group riding is a skill that takes practice. Remember our club memo: “700cc is an inclusive cycling club for road cyclists at any level. We are here to encourage cycling for ALL. Please respect your fellow riders; their motivations for getting out on the bike might not mirror yours and that’s OK!”

Meet at 700HQ at 08.50

enjoy the ride


Rides: Sunday 25 October

Andrew Elder’s got a lumpy 50 miler in mind for tomorrow; Henley/Marlow/Bray loop with hills thrown in.

Ashley and Dave are heading out for an easy, 90 minute spin through the Great Park and back to Windsor for coffee before the shop opens.

All meet at 700HQ at 08.50 for a 09.00 roll out.