Club Kit

***Current kit supplier if Kalas and the new process will appear here shortly***

below is the link to the current designs




The high quality 700cc Club kit is produced by Castelli and Le Col – because there’s nothing worse than riding around looking bad, in uncomfortable kit!

Ride like a Pro, Act like a Pro, Look like a Pro

700cc Club Kit

Look Sharp – Wear the Kit!

Club Kit is encouraged for all Club Rides, Races and events. This consists of the official 700cc jersey, to be worn with all black shorts as a preference, or plain dark coloured or of course 700cc Shorts. Kit should match or at the very least not look like a patchwork quilt!

If you intend to race, you will need to wear the White jersey and Club shorts.

If you need winter training kit we have a range of excellent pieces that should cover most eventualities.

Membership for NEW members will include the cost of a jersey and you will have the option of purchasing this and other items through our British Cycling webpage.

Existing members have the option to purchase kit year round. Simply email

We aim to keep a reasonable level of kit in throughout the year so should be able to furnish you with the items you need. There may occasionally be a wait of some weeks when items are running low or at the extremes of sizes.

Please note: The club is not yet in a position to keep huge amounts of kit stock so if you think you may want additional pieces throughout the season it may be worth getting orders in early. As the club grows and is able to generate funds this situation will hopefully change.

You can place an order for kit using the form below.  Please complete the form and save it with your name in the File Name. Email it back and we will be in touch to process your payment.

Please email back to

A guide to Le Col Sizing :

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