Cold Weather Policy

During the cold weather, we have typically experienced a number of incidents with riders sliding on black ice, which thankfully have been minor, but as a result of this we have decided to implement a weather policy for winter.

In the event that the weather is forecast to be at or below zero at any time over night and due to remain below +2 deg C at 08:00, then rides for that day could be subject to cancellation. We shall be using the AccuWeather forecast for the Windsor area for the purpose of this policy. AccuWeather have an App!
The announcement will be made the night before via the website and closed Facebook group.

This is a Club Policy applying to Saturday Easy / Intro rides – it doesn’t preclude you from riding! Those who wish to ride – are of course free to do so. We know some of us are hardcore but we recommend that you still buddy-up with similarly ‘nails’ riders – safety in numbers.

If you do ride – be sensible.

  • Check your machine before you leave the house.
  • Ensure you are PROPERLY dressed – better too warm than too cold
  • Ride with discipline and keep the pace even
  • Ride supplied – puncture kits with CO2 cartridges that actually have CO2 in them!
  • Minimise stops – wait until the end to get your coffee/brandy reward!
  • Standing at the side of the road fixing punctures will get very cold very quick – if you get one, get the fastest hands on it!

Be safe. Rubber side down.