Rules & Conduct

700cc is an inclusive cycling club for road cyclists at any level. We are here to encourage cycling for ALL.

Rules always sound harsh, if they are observed and respected they are simply a guide to help everyone enjoy their cycling in a safe and friendly environment. They only become a nuisance when they have to be enforced!

Our rules of conduct, road etiquette and the ride brief exist with the safety of the group as our priority. Ride safe and you ride happy.

All memberships* are renewed annually on 1 April.

*All guests may participate in 2 rides per year without affiliation when vouched for by a club member who will be responsible for the welfare of that guest  – on your third ride you will be required to be a fully paid up member.

The Rules:

– Respect your fellow riders; their motivations for getting out on the bike might not mirror yours and that’s OK!

– Ride equipped with tools and spares to fix basic roadside mechanicals: tube, levers, chain tool, multi-tool, pump etc. If you borrow tubes or CO2 from your fellow riders – replace them!

– Respect the jersey. Remember you ride as a member of 700cc, you represent the club and the cycling community as a whole; obey the law at all times. Treat all other road users with the respect you yourself expect.

– Look Good. Be proud: Wear the kit. 

– Always ride with discipline in the bunch – see the Etiquette.                                                        This is the marque of a true road cyclist. 

– No helmet, No Ride. Simple.

– Road Bikes ONLY :  No TT/Tri-bikes or Tri-bars on any club rides


  • Obey the Highway Code
  •  Jumping red lights is very likely to lead to dismissal from the club
  • Ride safely and considerately
  • Always be courteous to other road users or people crossing roads, even if affronted by rude or dangerous behaviour
  • Wear club kit on club rides and when representing the club at races of any kind
  • Ride a well maintained bike
  • Wear a helmet
  • Carry a spare tube, tyre leavers and pump/gas
  • Unless already familiar, learn and apply all commonly used hand and oral signals when riding on the road or in racing. They can be found here.

IMPORTANT:  We reserve the right to refuse or revoke club membership from anyone displaying attitudes or behaviours in conflict with the ethos of 700cc/700 and these rules of conduct.

Negativity and derisive comments and/or behaviours are unnecessary and base and will result in ejection from the club without notice.

If you can’t abide, don’t ride!

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