NEW Intro Club Ride – Sunday 3 January

Interested in joining a cycling club for some support and motivation over the winter? We are welcoming potential new members to join us.

If this is your first foreay into group riding, we will be practising the necessary skils to ride safely in a group that will enable you to enjoy the road with others. The emphasis will be on skill as opposed to mileage.
Suitable for road bikes, the ride will be 20-25 miles at an easy pace. We meet at 700HQ at 09.50.

Riding in close proximity to other riders takes discipine and practice. Once mastered, this skill will enable you to ride faster and for longer as part of the bunch.

For an insight into road cycling etiquette, see our club guide here 

If you would like to join us, please leave a message here, or email us on

14 thoughts on “NEW Intro Club Ride – Sunday 3 January

  1. I sure like to know the start time of the bike ride on the 3rd of Jan, I have done a few big bike rides and would like to start joining a club and better my skills and training as looking to do a lot more plus go down the triathlon route as well.


  2. I’d like to join this ride too – I think your easier rides are often on Saturday mornings, which I can’t get to. But on a Sunday, definitely! Do folks generally drive or ride to the shop to start?


    • Great to have you along Andrew! The ride schedule offers social rides on a Saturday, but club members often organise their own rides on Sundays & during the week, light permitting.
      If you choose to drive over, the Victoria Street car park is nearest.


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